Blacklist Prints is a national supplier of engraved products and printed media. We are committed to providing unique items at an affordable price and love working with other small businesses and individuals to create one of a kind items.

Our passion is to create beautiful mementos that simply outshine the everyday store-bought gifts.

Blacklist Prints is a husband & wife company based in Mackay QLD.

At Blacklist Prints we believe you should be able to express your individuality, that is why we don’t restrict you to just using templates for artwork.

We’re a Creative Solution offering Quality Laser Engraving.

Meet the Team

Blacklist Prints - Scott


Blacklist Prints - Kylie


Bubba Jas
Chief Executive & QA Inspector

The Blacklist Prints Story

Blacklist Prints - Canvas Printer
Blacklist Prints is proudly owned and operated by Scott & Kylie. When the mining downturn happened in Mackay, we had to start looking for another option as we knew we wanted to start our family soon. When we were looking for new business opportunities we were searching for something that excited both of us. We looked at many different ventures including lawn mowing, solar panel cleaning, gelato, an educational toy shop… the list goes on. At one stage we were close to buying a food franchise. But serving hotdogs all day? Not really riveting stuff. We wanted something creative that we could express our selves. It was during a long drive to visit family members that we were discussing local businesses. Scott, who is a professional photographer, mentioned that canvas printing would definitely be a viable idea. I’m not sure why it took us so long to think of it. It seems so obvious now.
Blacklist Prints was born and we stated making Canvas Prints. We researched everything from types of canvas, designs of stretcher bars, wide format printers, hanging wire options, even the best type of staples… everything. Soon after, Scott’s newest toy arrived weighing in at 111kg plus stand and being 2m in length. Scott’s not only a photographer. He is a perfectionist with an eye for minute detail. We didn’t want Blacklist Prints to be another company offering poor quality workmanship. It is our mission to provide each of our customers with stunning prints of high quality at reasonable prices.
Blacklist Prints - Printer Arrives

Blacklist Prints Expands

We were looking for services we could add to Blacklist Prints to continue to provide quality products to our customers.

We started looking at the possibility of offering a Laser Engraving service so we invested in a 60w Laser Engraver and started to engrave some test materials. Materials that we have enjoyed experiment with have included different woods, acrylics, glass and anodised aluminium.

Engraving is a service that allows products to be completely personalised to the customer’s needs and requirements. Both Scott and Kylie find satisfaction in customising orders in order to produce exceptional products for our clients.

We selected premium materials to ensure the best quality engraved products that we would be proud to add to the Blacklist Prints range.

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