What makes our Canvas Prints Better?

What makes our Canvas Prints Better - Quality Canvas Prints
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What sets Blacklist Prints apart from other Canvas Printers?

We decided to create a video to show What some of the differences are between Blacklist Prints and some of the cheaper canvas prints available. This is not to bad mouth or put down any particular printer as these cheaper prints have a place in the market too, we just felt it was beneficial to provide a high quality option for our customers.

If you would like to order our Quality Canvas Prints:

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Transcript of Video:

Hi guys, Scott from Blacklist Prints here.

Just wanted to show you a couple of the features of our canvas prints that sets us apart from our competitors.

First we can see here, is a comparison between our quality canvas stretcher bars, and something found on a cheaper canvas here. These are about 1/2inch wide or about 12mm, where ours are 38mm wide.

Also you see here, they have a very sharp edge, where all of ours are nice and profiled so once your canvas is stretched around the frame these rounded edges just ensure that there is no undue wear on your canvas.

Next thing you will see is a lot of these cheap frame just use a basic string and they are just stapled on.

So here you can see, once the canvas is stretched, we staple it with stainless steel staples. This ensures that there is no possibility of rust from the staples which is a common occurrence with cheap prints. ¬†Once your print stapled we then apply acid-free tape, just to ensure that there’s no chance of our staples marking your walls. Then you see here we have stainless steel coated wire, this stainless steel wire guarantees that your print will stay mounted on the wall for many years to come.

Here at Blacklist Prints we only use 100% cotton canvas. The canvas we use is a fine art canvas, this ensures long life of your print. Once your image is printed we apply UV laminate, this UV laminate protection prints from dust, humidity but also from the damage of UV lights.

Thanks for watching, if you’d like to display your images or your client’s images in a high-quality manner we would love to help you out so pop over to www.blacklistprints.com.au[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]