Blacklist Prints on Etsy – Our Story so far

I Sell on Etsy

When we launched Blacklist Prints we were looking for ways for our customers to shop with us. We launched this website with an ecommerce store built in but we were also looking at other marketplaces online. We decided to launch Blacklist Prints on Etsy and test it out. The hardest thing about selling online is having people find your store.

Getting Started

When we started we were not aware about the 40 free listings so we missed out. What 40 free listings you ask? Well Etsy has a referral program so if you join Etsy and then Click this link: you get 40 free listings. We also get free listings as an added bonus.

Our First Etsy Sale

We launched our store 10 Nov 2014 and 13 Nov 2014 we got our first sale. We were so excited and thought this is going to be awesome… Then crickets… until 11 Apr 2015 when we got the 2nd sale. By this stage we were starting to feel a little disappointed and wondering if it was all worth it.

The next few months

Over the next few months we started to get about 1 sale a week, then 2 & 3.

August 2015 we had one of our products, The Man Stand, featured in an Etsy email for gift ideas for Fathers Day and we saw a spike in sales. This was very exciting to see and our confidence was restored in this platform.

Christmas 2015

Leading up to Christmas we started to see another spike in sales and we discovered that The Man Stand was again featured in the Etsy email for gift ideas for Him for Christmas. But not only were we featured in the Email, we were featured on the Etsy Home page for Gifts for Him. This then lead to a huge increase in sales leading up to Christmas. Our sales were so much more than we could have imagined and we owe it to our Etsy Store.

Sales Update

The sales over time have been a little sporadic but the general trend is still up. The featured listings we received in 2015 certainly created a boost in sales which is a bonus, but can not be relied on.

Here is the number of sales we have done each month since we opened our store.

Blacklist Prints Etsy Sales Chart 1704

What next?

I highly recommend if you sell handmade products, you should give Etsy a try. Be patient, look at other popular stores and search for what they are doing to generate buyer interest. So remember to create a profile on Etsy, then click this link to get 40 free listings: