Personalised Stamps for Teachers

Blacklist Prints-Stamps Eight Aboriginal Ways of Learning Naidoc Week

Whether you are a teacher shopping for you classroom resources or you are looking for a gift for a special teacher, Personalised Stamps are perfect for teachers and educators.

Types of Teacher Stamps Available

We offer 2 main types of stamps for teachers, Self-Inking stamps and Block Stamps.

Self-Inking Stamps

Self-Inking have a built-in ink pad so are convenient as a separate ink pad is not required. You are restricted by size so this is a consideration when buying a teacher stamp. They are ideal for repeated stamping information like teacher’s contact information.

Block Stamps

Block stamps are used with a standalone ink pad and can be made to any size. There are available with or without a handle and are more cost-effective so a selection of stamps can be made. Perfect for Merit Stamps while marking homework and assignments.

Blacklist Prints-Personalised Block Stamps with Handles

We have also made sets of stamps for Naidoc Week based on the icons for the framework of Eight Aboriginal Ways of Learning. The framework is expressed as eight interconnected pedagogies involving narrative-driven learning, visualised learning plans, hands-on/reflective techniques, use of symbols/metaphors, land-based learning, indirect/synergistic logic, modelled/scaffolded genre mastery, and connectedness to the community.

Blacklist Prints-Stamps Eight Aboriginal Ways of Learning Naidoc Week

We can also include school logos on the stamps if required. Simply provide a vector file for the logo and we can add this to the artwork.

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