Custom Order – Wooden Instagram Frame and “Wooden” Wedding Sign

Instagram Frame and wedding sign

We often have customers come to us with pictures of items they have seen on Pinterest. In this case, we needed to create a large Instagram frame and a wood sign with colour printing. This order required some problem-solving.

The Instagram frame is quite a large item. We couldn’t cut this using the CNC or the laser engraver. The frame had to be hand cut. Once it was cut and sanded we applied a few coats of stain.

The customer had in mind how they would like the wording to be set out. We needed to find a way to include white writing. We considered hand-painting, stencils and routering then painting. Fortunately, we had a vinyl cutter on its way to us. It arrived in time for us to add the new software to our computers and then cut the stickers out. This was our very first item that used the vinyl stickers.

Personalised Wooden Instagram Frame

The challenge with the sign was that although we can print on wood, we have used a DTG printer which can only do small areas.

To create an effect of dark timber panels we created artwork using different backgrounds, we added in some contrasting flowers and matching the font to the Instagram frame. We printed the poster on the same material as the pull-up banners we do for businesses. The Poster was then attached to a wood backing. The print results of the poster was brilliant.

A copy of this design is now available to be viewed on our website or in person at our Canelands, Mackay store along with two other designs we have designed.

We have used this artwork for Seating Charts, Welcome Signs and Unplugged Ceremony Signs. If there is something special you would like done, come in and see us and we can work alongside you to see if this is something we can achieve.