Custom Car Wedding Sign

Wedding Sign

We were asked in store if we could create a wedding guest signing poster made from wood. The customer also requested that an old car be included in the design.

The Sign is 7mm ply cut to A2 size. Like a few other custom signs, we have done it was stained.

The old car requested turned out to be a particular Ford with ‘Just Married’ Detail. The first car found wasn’t exactly what the customer wanted. She had a particular orientation in mind. Using the low res picture that was provided we did some hand sketches and digitalised them. Using the new digital images we cut the car detail out from vinyl stickers. Once the backboard was completely dry we add the stickers to the sign.

We also did some testing with pens as to what the customer could use for the signing. To do this we stained a scrap piece of wood and tested the pens out. This allowed us to tell the customer what to purchase for her sign before hers was completely finished as the turnaround time was short.

We are certainly able to cut different images and text from the vinyl to add to another customised sign.