Custom Order – Wooden Anchor

We are always looking for new items, new machinery, new ideas and new ways of achieving things. During the long-awaited arrival of our new CNC router, which had been delayed by its build process we had a few customers with items that required the new machine. One was an anchor sign for a wedding.

The anchor needed to be cut from a thicker piece of wood than what our laser could achieve. The sign was cut then sanded into a smooth anchor shape. The anchor was also larger than what our laser bed was. The CNC bed was larger and allowed us to cut the anchor in one piece.

The sample pictures that the customer provided us with were signs that were made overseas where darker wood is more readily available. To achieve a darker colour we stained the anchor with a richer red/brown colour.

The details for the sign were vinyl stickers that were cut. Once the anchor was sanded, stained we were able to apply the stickers.

With the new machine, we were able to complete the anchor and give the bride and groom something special for her big day.