Back To School

First day of school print

Christmas has come and gone and now we are into the New Year. Welcome to 2020!

For many of us, we are now facing the beginning of the new school year with varying levels of enthusiasm. For Scott and I have the added excitement of sending our eldest child to Prep. Miss Jasmine is very, very, very eager to start.

Naturally, we have some new Back to School Products we are using for our five year old.

Miss Jasmine is a bit rough and tough and times so we have engraved her two anodised aluminium tags for her school bag and lunch box. The aluminium tags are hardy and come in different colours from beautiful blues, oranges, blacks and red.

School Bag Tags

We can also cut vinyl stickers to apply to items such as lunch boxes and bottles. Currently, we have white and black but looking to add more colours of the rainbow as needed. We want Jasmine to be able to identify her bottle and lunch things easily so we have used the Queensland Cursive font which she will no doubt become accustomed to seeing in her Prep classroom. Have older children? No worries we have a wide selection of fun, fancy and modern fonts we can cut for you.

We are also looking at heat transfer vinyl to add to hats. Goodness knows, our child can easily misplace things at times. Rather than a texta name which slowly but surely wears off and becomes near impossible for teacher and parents to read, vinyl is bright and vivid against her hat and can easily be read.

First day of school print

Finally as a mum my favourite item. First day of Prep poster, which can be fully customised with favourite colours and tailored to your child. Kids grow up so fast and I’m fascinated to find out how much she will grow from the beginning of Prep to the beginning of grade one. I mean seriously – she wants to be a hairdresser in space – how creative is that?

So back to school 2020 has been super fun for these parents making and creating for our child. Let us help personalise your Back to School Experience.