New Product Alert – Name Plaques

Child Name Sign

We’ve had our special acrylic pastels for some time now and I’ve been waiting for a reason to get our laser cutting it! I took the opportunity to create something special and sweet. And then I just had to keep creating. We have welcomed the Child’s Name Plaque to our product range.

Naomi and Eli’s child’s name plaque was cut from 3mm ply and engraved with their designs. Eli’s plaque was a simple design with his birth specs, while Naomi’s Name Plaque featured a floral bouquet with butterflies. However, it is the names are the hero pieces to this product. I think the colours were perfect for these two lovely bubs.

I was so happy with how Eli and Naomi’s plaques that I just had to keep on designing. Our three girls are getting older and they surprisingly don’t get a lot of our kid products. So I set out designing something special with their name meanings and created their own child’s name plaque.

Jasmine is our eldest child. If you have met her in-store or at the work studio you know she’s full of life. For nine months in the womb, she was going to be ‘Hannah’, there were other names on our list but I had my heart on Hannah. But it was not to be. Baby Jasmine didn’t want to come into the world it seems, and by the time she finally made her entrance I was not in great shape.

When I realised that I was to be taken to surgery and separated from my firstborn, I panicked and renamed her ‘Jasmine Ruth.’ I think my addled brain thought if I named her they couldn’t take her away… I was not in the best of shape. What confirmed the name change was Scott had also thought in those moments that Jasmine was a better name… and that’s how she got her name.

Jasmine’s plaque features the ‘raspberry’ pastel acrylic with a sketching of the Jasmine flower she was named after.

Alana was the eldest of the twins. In the womb, she was the most relaxed child. Her name means many things but peace is a recurring theme. I hand drew a little girl with a laurel crown to symbolise peace. Her name is laser cut from spearmint pastel acrylic.

Esther is the younger twin. Her name means Star of Joy. She was given this name because at 38 weeks she had turned breach, which we were told she would do! She was another one that got stuck and was unfortunately strangled by the umbilical cord. We were told at 3 am that she had suffered a possible seizure and they were monitoring her for possible brain damage. I can’t begin to explain how lucky we felt that she not only survived but she has no lasting damage. This explains the star moon with a hand-drawn child. I’ve used a grape coloured pastel acrylic.

The Child’s Name Plaque is now available on our website for purchase. Talk to us today about creating some a little extraordinary for your little one. Creativity is welcome.