Recycled Timber Frame

recycled timber frame

This was a stunning custom piece that required many steps for us to complete. The customer provided us with the dimensions of the prints she wanted and the size the frame needed to be.

The frame was to be made from recycled hardwood timber. The frame once completed weighed just under 7kg. The timber was sourced from some old floorboards and was cut to size. Once the frame was built we sanded the timber and coated it with a clear varnish to protect it. The frame was coated twice for protection. The recycled timber reacted well to being sanded and coated and had a lovely glossy sheen.

Scott was able to print the photographs inhouse for the customer. The engraved plaque, of course, was designed by Kylie and engraved on our a laser engraver.

The glass and framing, card etc was sourced from a framing company, we had them cut it to size for us. And then it was our turn to work out how it was best to assemble or the required parts.

Due to the weight of the item, we purchased additional and better framing hooks. Our concern with using our stainless steel framing wire was that the item or the customer’s wall would be damaged.

The customer was extremely pleased with this item.