Puzzle Tree Guest Book

This was a custom wedding tree puzzle designed from something a customer had seen when searching Google and Pinterest. She showed us a few designs of what she would like to achieve. We took elements from each picture she liked to create her own tree puzzle.

She and her groom to be requested a darker timber to be used as the trunk of the tree. With a bit of looking around, we decided to use a hardwood ply, which is a much darker, redder colour.

We took the approximate shape of one tree, the puzzle shape from a previous order and the canopy idea from another google picture. The outline of the tree was hand-drawn and then digitalised. We worked with previous puzzle pieces and arranged them within the canopy. We used the number of pieces need to work out the best size for the tree.

While talking to the happy couple we came to the conclusion that providing them with a backing and affixing the trunk to the board would be helpful. We made it so the middle pieces were all the same shape and size so that the middle of the canopy could be arranged after the event. We provided the customers with a print out of the canopy plan so that they could see where each edge piece should go.

This order was a ‘rush’ order and there was plenty of communication back and forth to make sure we designed something they could enjoy forever and something functional for their big day.