We work with a variety of different materials and stock the following. If a material is not listed below, just ask and we can usually get it in a few days.

Colour Chart of Stocked Acrylic

These Acrylics are available in 3mm Acrylic.

Acrylic Solid Colours

Acrylic Fluro / Transparent Colours

Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic Glitter and Fabric

Acrylic Pastels

Colour Chart of Stocked Industrial Plastics

We currently stock a range of common colour, and we can get most colour combos in a few days. The stripe is the colour that is engraved.


We work with a variety of different woods and can process them in a number of ways.

MaterialEngraveLaser CutCNC Router
3mm Pine PlyYesYesYes
7mm Pine Ply Yes Yes Yes
9mm Pine Ply Yes Yes Yes
12 mm Pine Ply Yes NoYes
18 mm Pine Ply YesNoYes
19mm PineYesNoYes
19mm HardwoodYesNoLimited