We started Blacklist Prints by offering quality canvas prints to both photographers and individuals.

Choosing Quality Canvas Prints in Mackay

When it comes to buying a canvas print to decorate your home or business, it is important that you buy a quality product that will both look good and last a lifetime. Blacklist Prints is here to provide our customers with quality custom canvas prints that you will feel proud to display in your home or office. In this page, we will provide you with information about our product, how we create your canvas print and why our canvases are a premium product. Blacklist Prints is run by a commercial photographer in Mackay QLD so quality canvas prints are our passion. We are working with both photographers in Mackay and photo lovers to provide images you will be proud to display.

Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas is a wonderful medium to turn your precious memories into a work of art. Blacklist Prints use the highest quality products to create sensational products for our customers. At Blacklist Prints we have been fussy with where we source our materials including canvas, stretcher bars… right down to staples and wire. We are only interested in providing you, our customers with high-quality personalised canvas prints. We give our customers the opportunity to choose to print colour, black & white or sepia effects. The customer also chooses the type of wrap their canvas is printed with. Blacklist Prints sends all of our canvases ready hang. Canvas Prints are great for:

  • Displaying momentous occasions (Wedding, Graduation, new baby)
  • For gifts (Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthdays)
  • For portraits of the family (including pets)
  • Creating artworks to brighten up a room
  • For business (Cafes, Board Rooms, Reception Areas, Staff Office)
Order Canvas Prints

Custom Canvas Prints

Ready to Hang Wall Art

$95.00$155.00 inc GST

Christmas Gifts

Family Tree Wall Plaque

$35.00$45.00 inc GST
$25.00$40.00 inc GST
$35.00$129.00 inc GST
$35.00$45.00 inc GST

How Are Blacklist Prints Different?

Blacklist Prints ensure our canvas prints are the quality you expect and deserve.

  • We use premium fine art canvas for our prints
  • Heavy Duty profiled stretcher bars
  • Stainless Steel Wire for Hanging
  • Stainless Steel Staples
  • Acid-Free Framing Tape to the back of the frame
  • Bubble Wrapped for protection in transit