Engraved wooden tags have many uses whether you are a business or ordering as a private individual. Laser engraved wooden tags look classy and certainly add flair to many different products. Blacklist has had orders for tags to go with gift items, pricing tags and gift tags.


OMG They look bloody amazing!

Tash / Onlyforyoubynebs

Custom Wooden Tags

Blacklist Prints can completely custom engrave any shape wooden tags. Tell us what size, shape, text and quantity you require and we can personalise your order. At Blacklist Prints there is no order too small or large. You don’t have to order a bulk amount of engraved wooden tags. If you only need half a dozen tags. That’s fine. Needing an odd quantity: 43 is okay as well. We’ll gladly quote and engrave your product. No worries!

Blacklist Prints-Noen Knot Designs
Moss, Twine & Love

My gorgeous Swing Tags have arrived ☺? Thank you Blacklist Prints.. They are perfect ??

Moss, Twine & Love / Facebook Comment

Wedding Wooden Swing Tags

We also make personalised wooden swing tags for your wedding day. Our brides often pick a heart shape with the couples name and wedding date and attached these to thank you gifts and table decorations at their wedding reception. Contact Blacklist Prints for your wedding day tags and we would love to make some special wooden tags just for you.

Blacklist Prints-Wedding Swing Tag Wood