Blacklist Prints are proud to work with a number of businesses both large scale and small home-based businesses. We provide a range of services from supply components for use in your products to tags displaying your brand, to stamps for packaging and signage. We invested time and money in our equipment to ensure we can help your business grow.

Laser Engraving Services Australia

When it comes to quality laser engraving, we offer not only years of experience and knowledge, but also one of the largest engraving beds around with a bed area of up to 1000 x 610mm or in some cases even larger depending on the material or product being engraved and the placement of the artwork.

Swing Tags

Engraved Swing Tags are a great way to display your business branding of your product. We commonly engrave 3mm Premium Pine Ply or Acrylic swing tags for small businesses to attach to Kokedama, Knitted Bowls and Pot Plants.

Electrical Signage

Electrical Signage is a professional way to label electrical switchboards to provide a clean, easy to read board to your customers. Perfect for electricians large and small.

Logo Stamps

Logo Stamps are a great way to brand bags and packaging to help market your business. Our stamps have been used for paper bags for sales at markets and instore, branding boxes for mailing and calico bags for that extra special touch.


We love working with wood and creating unique signage from wood. We have done a range from engraving a logo in a hardwood disc to laser cut lettering glued to a backing to carved and paint-filled.

Earring Blanks & Earring Boards

We have worked with a number of earring businesses providing a range of blanks including basic shapes, engraved designs to laser cut designs for dangles. We can also create earring storage boards for ou to decorate for your customers or can print custom designs on for you. We can also help with display stands for at markets.

Retail POS Display Stands

We can design and cut a retail POS display stand for your products to better display both at markets and in the retail environment.

Laser-cut Letters

We can create custom laser cut lettering for you to use in your products. We provide clock numbers for a clockmaker and works for decorators.

Flat lay Logo Plaques

We can provide a range of flat lay logo plaques for use in your photography, from engraved discs to printed full colour or logo engraved chopping boards.

Printing Service

We offer a range of printing options for your business and you can supply your own artwork or we can work with you to create the artwork you need.

Print Options include:

  • Pull up Banners
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Signage

Logo Design

We do a lot of designs for our engraving and as a result, have also created a number of logos for both sister companies and small businesses. We can also vectorise your logo to ensure it is suitable for print and engraving.


We have worked with a number of businesses that wanted to dropship our products to their customers. How this works:

  • You Sell our product to your customer – You set your own prices – We can work with you to develop an exclusive range for you if you wish.
  • You order the item from us providing the customer details
  • We send directly to your customer as though it has been sent from you